A global network of social entrepreneurs with a dozen different programs to support you in your changemaking journey


Again, a website that is fairly hard to navigate (although their individual projects often have great websites!). But once you find their initiatives, you will see that they do great things:

AshokaU (works with Colleges and Universities to foster social innovation) includes:

AshokaU Exchange (Annual Social Innovation Conference)

AshokaU Commons (3-month training program)

Ashoka U Changemaker Campus (College/University certification)

Ashoka U Millions of Changemakers (Global Collaboration Platform (Run conferences all over the world all year round)

Ashoka Changemaker Schools (Work with primary, middle and high schools)

Ashoka Youth Venture (Partners with organizations to support changemakers and offers various programs... Currently remaking website so... We will see:)

Ashoka Young Changemakers (Cohort that is selected annually to collaborate)

Ashoka Lead Young Stories (You can read and submit inspiring stories)

Ashoka Network (You can browse changemakers and their initiatives from all over the world)