Global Changemakers

Supporting youth to create positive social change

Global Changemakers

Global Changemaker recognizes that youth are essential in solving the world's challenges. They therefore provide the training and funding to support YOUR initiatives. What I love most about them is that you can get access to a lot without spending any money or really leaving your bedroom. They have a great information database and offer a variety of things including:

Webinars on management, networking, reflection, anxiety, zero-waste initiatives and so much more

Toolkits on project management, crowdfunding and using social media

Mentorship** (13-week development program)

Youth projects all over the world (for inspiration)

Many of them provide links to social media and websites. Look for initiatives around you and get in touch!

Each year they also host fully-funded* conferences to bring together inspiring youth to learn from each other. The best thing is: they don't only train and inspire you, they also have funding available for initiatives with a lot of potential.

*They cover transportation, accommodation and the cost of the conference. You may have to pay for visa and insurance, though.

**The program costs 100USD but need-based scholarships are available