Global Citizen

Participate in activism-activities and gather points to concerts and other great prizes.

Global Citizen

Global citizen is like a younger sibling that never gives up until they have reached their goal. Global Citizen urges companies and world leaders to make financial contributions toward important issues and policy changes that save lives. How?

With people like you who


sign petitions

write emails

= urge powerful leaders to do something.

This way you cannot only make your voice be heard but also gather points that you can exchange for rewards like tickets to concerts and their annual festivals, where they often have famous celebrities lined up (Oprah, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran (and others!) were for example part of the 2018 festival in South Africa).

They also offer two more opportunities:

The Waislitz Global Citizen Award (For people who are working toward eliminating poverty)

Curtis Scholarship (Annual leadership development program)