World Merit

Take action toward improving social issues and be rewarded with points that you can exchange for great prizes.

World Merit

World merit is "a charity that offers rewards and opportunities in exchange for our members taking action toward social issues". It operates similar to Global Citizen in that regard: you simply download their app, take action for positive change and gain points that you can exchange for online classes (e.g photography, coding), mentorship, technology like webcams, cameras, or laptops. As you see they really do have great rewards! Moreover, they also have an opportunity section that you can access once you register, that lists competitions, internships, free leadership courses etc. They are also running something they call Team2030, where you can join (or gather) groups of five that develop solutions to solve challenges to tackle the SDG's. The best teams win great rewards! In summary,

their app gives you rewards for getting engaged (register first)

once registered it informs you about great opportunities

let's you join or start team2030 that compete in tackling the SDG's annual summit, to which you can apply to