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Youth Service America

Helps US-Americans contribute to their communities

YSA's mission is to help all young people find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues. Although they are a global organization, their services are mostly focussed on the US. They offer the following events, projects and resources:

Financial Grants & Awards*

Training & Resources

Global Youth Service Day

Be Fearless Be Kind Pledge

Semester of Service

Classroom with a Cause

Stories from inspiring youth

Again, for many of the grants you have to, unfortunately, be based in the US. They do have a wide variety of community partners around the globe, though, that may be worth looking into. What I like about their website is their "Knowledge Center" that has a variety of free toolkits (videos and PDF's) in a variety of languages (!) about how to make a difference. If you just have a little bit of experience with global service, you will see that the toolkits are fairly basic and definitely aimed at Western middle-class youth, but you may want to look into it just for ideas and inspiration.