My Story

I am Julia and my passion is to empower youth to become the changemakers they want to be. I have noticed that many people want to make a difference but don't know where to start. Therefore, created this website with resources to help you find how you can impact the future.

About Me

I am a passionate writer, film-maker and public-speaker and grew up in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Singapore.

Currently I am studying Psychology and Global Management in the US. I also love hearing inspiring stories and connecting with people like you :) So shoot me a message, I will read and reply to every one of them!

An important disclaimer.

Although I am giving this website my best, it is still a limited perspective. Avoiding ethnocentrism (being too centered around one culture), is very important to me, however, it is impossible to completely eliminate my cultural perspective. Therefore, I encourage you to look at the information presented to you here as suggestions and most of all a work in progress that everyone is welcome to contribute to. In fact, the website would grow immensely, if you decided to share your thoughts and criticism! Therefore - please get in touch!

Let's talk!

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