Meet the Team!

Julia Schetelig

I am Julia, the founder of Generation Impact, and my passion is to empower youth to become the changemakers they want to be. I have noticed that many people want to make a difference but don't know where to start. Therefore, created this website with resources to help you find how you can impact the future.

I am a passionate writer, film-maker and public-speaker and grew up in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Singapore.

Currently I am studying Psychology and Global Management in the US. I also love hearing inspiring stories and connecting with people like you :) So shoot me a message, I will read and reply to every one of them!

Sara-Estelle Gößwein

My name is Sara-Estelle and I am currently studying psychology in Germany and enriching lives by bringing families closer together - through music! I have been supporting Julia in her cause from the second I got to know about Generation Impact. Now you may wonder how that happened: Long ago I met Julia on UWC Germany's "zero-year meeting", I remember many small talks and one longer one on the train where I thought to myself "I am so glad that I've gotten to know this person, something special is waiting for us to do together." Nobody knows what made me think that, maybe it was that we shared the same kind of passion for changing the world through action and inspiring others to join? Now I am here, dedicating time to this live-changing project and enjoying every minute of it! Especially when my experience in running a social-business ( or passion for nonviolent communication and psychology comes in handy. But also in moments where there is a tricky decision to make or ideas, projects and future plans to discuss: Providing Generation Impact with what I have to offer gives me yet another reason to be grateful.

An important disclaimer.

Although I am giving this website my best, it is still a limited perspective. Avoiding ethnocentrism (being too centered around one culture), is very important to me, however, it is impossible to completely eliminate my cultural perspective. Therefore, I encourage you to look at the information presented to you here as suggestions and most of all a work in progress that everyone is welcome to contribute to. In fact, the website would grow immensely, if you decided to share your thoughts and criticism! Therefore - please get in touch!

Let's talk!

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