(1) Definition of Environmental Justice: Why We Fight “Environmental justice is the intersection of both social justice and environmentalism, where the inequity in environmental degradation is also considered.”

(2) Trump's 100 environmental regulation policies that he has or is in the process of rolling back

3) Global Atlas of Environmental Justice: Database of all environmental justice cases across the world, with detailed descriptions and map pinpointing every case

4) History of Environmental Racism and how it is connected to the Civil Rights Movement

5) Green Colonialism: Story of how conservation can go wrong

6) A "Sustainable" Company's Racist Corporate Culture - how BIPOC can be put down even in 'woke' sustainable companies

(7) Current Events in Environmental Justice: Trump's waiving of environmental legislation, citing the pandemic as his reasoning

(8) Green New Deal and Green Colonialism

(9) Quick facts compiled from studies on environmental racism, especially towards BIPOC