All the magic that's happening on the website, on social media, and during our events?

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our collaborators!

Collaboration Cohort, Spring 2021:


from Hong Kong


Hello, my name is Alina,

and I'm currently a grade 11 student

from Hong Kong. I am interested in things like debate, international relations, business development, marketing, and fashion design. I am currently heavily involved in making a difference by participating in various youth-led projects and other initiatives. These experiences led me to found my own organization - Youth Counselling.

Other than that, I love to dance and write! It helps me to dissolve into another state of mind, and flee from the world to just focus on my inner peace and expressions. I firmly believe that Gen Z has the power to change the world and use their intellectual creativity to solve pressing issues. Together, we will impact the generation positively!


from Berlin, Germany


Hey, my name is Thea 

and I am 15 years old. 

I'm from Berlin, Germany and I am currently in grade 10.


I'm very interested in science because it inspires people every day.  I love that it allows us to discover new things - things that sometimes even save lives. Science is the future of today!


I am also passionate about traveling, learning new languages, and exploring new cultures ​​in the world.  There are so many great places and you can take a piece of each with you and learn from others.  Learning languages ​​is not only interesting but also beneficial because you can talk to people in their mother tongue and thus immerse yourself in their world.


Collaboration Cohort, Fall 2020:


from Amman, Jordan


My name is Aseel.

I’m from Amman, Jordan.

I’m 16 years old,

currently in my junior year at high school. 


I'm passionate about a lot of things, every now and then I discover something that excites me! Right now, I'm really interested in humanities, like literature, sociology, history, politics and debate. I enjoy listening to classical music and old vintage songs! 


I really enjoy cultural exchange activities. It helps me become more cultured, open-minded and compassionate.

I dream of bringing positive change to the world, I dream of a peaceful world, where people are empathetic towards each other and everything around them.


from Sydney, Australia


My name is Jazz

and I am a 2nd-year student at

The University of Sydney studying

International & Global Studies and International Business.


I’m interested in international relations, political economy, alternative application of block-chain technology and the efforts of young people making an impact on the worlds most pressing problems.


I believe in the power of conversations with a ‘scout mindset’ and using quantitative data to guide us into making the right decisions for good. I came to Generation Impact to learn how to help young people in their search for doing good and to join a community of bright and empowered individuals from all around the world.