Rescue Youth Alliance 2020 Project

Who are we?

Rescue Youth Alliance (REYA) is a non-political and non-profit organization established in Liberia to improve the lives of the youth and to protect children in Liberia and around the world at large. It focuses on youths’ empowerment, education and peacebuilding, health and security, leadership (Career Development), and environmental issues. Rescue Youth Alliance is the project of a young Liberian Journalist, YALI Fellow, Amb. Sylvester Cytric Choloplay, Founder and President.

Besides education and social freedom, REAY stands up for economic freedom, good health, and the well-being of people as a means to educate, develop, and empower the next generations of young leaders. We believe freedom, peace, and security cannot be sustained when there is neither quality education for youth nor peace nor youth empowerment, having tremendous negative effects globally.


What do we do?

To tackle the inadequate access to quality education for low income families, we focus on ''dropped out school kids'' who live on the streets but passionate about getting education despite the lack of financial resources. Through reading reports and investigations by civil society organizations like UNESCO and others, we have found the lack of financial assistance to support kids in school to be one of the major root-causes, causing many less-fortunate kids under the ages of 10 to 12 years to live on the street. Despite the massive deterioration in businesses as a result of COVID-19, we from the Peace Campaign Liberia,  see it as more than necessary to support children with the potential of becoming future leaders.


As grassroots organization, we are raising money to launch our project in December 2020 to help kids who dropped out of schools or do not have any means to get back to school (from the elementary division) to have access to education. In Liberia, many parents earn their income from petty trading. However, only a few months after the State of Emergency (lock-down) was imposed by the Liberian Government as a means of combating the pandemic, many parents lost their jobs and have no means of supporting their kids back to school. Therefore, we have decided  to provide educational assistance for the less fortunate kids by providing one-year scholarship. 


Unfortunately, we are still lacking financial resources, despite our individual financial contributions to raise funding to support those kids we want to help in their academic sojourn. 

How can you help?

We are sincerely asking you (donors and humanitarians) for financial aid and grants to help us implement our project. We believe this will bring financial relief to some parents who are currently confounded about where to get financial resources to have their kids supported in school. At the same time, we want to reduce the number of kids under the age 10 to 15 years who are selling goods on the streets for survival. We will continue our advocacy and contributions in making sure that less fortunate children get quality education for a peaceful society. 



What is our target and how much do we need to achieve this vision? 


Our financial target is to get one thousand United States Dollars ($1000.00 USD) or two hundred thousand Liberian Dollars (200,000 LRD) , the total amount needed for the successful implementation of the project for each student.            

Depending on our financial strength and whether we reach this goal through our GoFundMe account, we have planned to help about TWENTY (20) less-fortunate or dropout school children back to school at the elementary level in Government schools only. We will use the money for the payment of school fees for 2021 academic year in Public Schools only and little cash for their parents, as well as required school uniforms. To achieve this we will be working with school’s authorities and parents in the communities to get those dropout children and have them back to school. We will not give our eligible recipients the money directly, but we will work with our recipients to have them registered through their school’s administrators.


How do we plan to achieve and sustain this vision?


-  We intend to sustain our project through continued advocacy for the less fortunate children to remain in schools.


-  We plan to launch our project through rally-programs - where prominent and well-meaning people (from Government and private sectors) will be invited to have our project supported.


-  As we have started, all members of our organization are tasking themselves financially to have our project implemented.


-  We write NGOs for grants.


-  We ask for financial assistance from individuals to have our project supported


-  We work with community leadership for direction and moral support to help us make our project come through.


 When do we launch our project and where?

We intend launching this project in December 2020 and begin the advocacy in Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia specifically in four districts of slum communities: District 13-Gardnersville, District 7-West Point/New Kru Town, District 14-Clara Town/Doe Community and District 6-Paynsville City. 


Since we believe in hard work, commitment and action with positive results, we work through a strong teamwork methodology, and collaborate with others to defeat challenges to make progress. We partner with community leaders, youth organization and women group (entrepreneurs) to achieve our goals. Beyond that, any organization wanting to collaborate with us is welcome.​                      


Helping us implementing this project means you are preparing the future leaders of tomorrow. You will support the vision to enable children to get quality education! It is a great help to families who need this opportunity at this crucial time of COVID-19. It brings maximum relief and serves as a dream-come through to kids and their parents who are financially destitute.

Image by Adrianna Van Groningen

About Us

We believe that every child has the right to education. In order to achieve this goal, we created a project in Liberia to fight the lack of education that has drastically worsened since Covid-19. With your help, we are striving to reach our funding target of $1,000 to enable young children attend school again. 

Image by Adrianna Van Groningen



Sylvester Cytric Choloplay  (Founder and President, Rescue Youth Alliance)


 phone: +231770462160

Bineyam Nani Tumbo  (Executive Partner/ Organizer)   


Robertson Freeman  (National Coordinator)




Oliver T. Tartieh  (Secretary General)



Ma-Hawa Sannor  (Treasurer)




 All essential Members of Peace Campaign Liberia




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