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Finding what you are looking for

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

or - Why Google* really IS your best friend

Google is a massive resource. Seems obvious, isn't it? Sometimes I don't think so! Let me explain:

This website is meant as a resource data-base showing young people how they can make an impact. I am hoping that it will inspire readers from all over the world to share our knowledge and make the world a better place. However, you may have needs that this website is not meeting.

If you, for example, live in a rural area in West Virginia, this website may give you great international and online resources: but nothing local.

When I suggest people they should volunteer, I often get this reply: "Oh, I really want to but I don't know how."

And I do believe that these people think that it's quite hard to find a place to volunteer at. The thing is: it really, really isn't.

In German we have a word called "Hartnäckigkeit", which one can translate with stubbornness or persistence. It is more than that, though. Hartnäckigkeit means having enough faith in what you want to achieve that you don't let go you until you have reached your goal.

Whenever you find yourself thinking "Oh, I would love to do this. But... I have no idea how to do that" or your brain finds a different reasons why it would be difficult to do it.

Stop yourself. You can do it. And whatever you need: it's definitely out there. Whether it's the funding, the information, a mentor, a scholarship or an organization. Someone has it!

And, good news for you: we live in the 21st century and your fingertips and an internet connection is really all your need to find whoever has what you need.

It doesn't matter how specific your dream is: you want to study abroad for exactly two years in a rigorous academic environment with people from all over the world, but it also has to offer a scholarship... That's pretty specific. But it exists :)

Here's the thing: there are some pretty amazing opportunities out there: scholarships, funds, grants, free conferences, mentorship programs, free classes and so much more. I hope this website introduces you to many of them. However, most of the organizations behind these resources invest their money in the actual programs -not in advertising and being the first search result that comes up.

If you want to find something, believe that it exists, and know that it may take a few hours - perhaps even days - googling different search terms, asking friends and family, posting on social media, asking in different forums, until you stumble upon what you needed!

I feel like I am really just stating the obvious but I just felt a strong need to say this: if you are looking - not only for inspiration, but for something very specific. It's out there. Just google, google, google!

And if you need help: message me!

*And don't get me wrong: for every-day searches you should definitely use the more sustainable browser ecosia.

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