Online Acts of Kindness

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Kindness is online

9 Virtual acts of kindness that make a difference

  • Text uplifting messages, compliments and pep-talks (especially during exam periods) to friends and Facebook-friends

  • Use apps that change the world

  • Don't write mean comments

  • Volunteer Online

  • When you buy stuff on Amazon: use Amazon.Smile​. Some of the proceeds of your purchase will go to charity (Although there is some criticism...)

  • Use Ecosia (My favorite search engine that plants tree)

  • Write happy birthday messages (especially to to Facebook "friends")

  • Donate rice by playing games online

  • Turn off your social media and engage in deeper conversations (Sometimes kindness is not being online :) The visible presence of a phone during a conversation can significantly decrease empathy and connectedness...

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