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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Throughout the journey of creating Generation Impact I have come across and been inspired by many articles and mediums. I have referenced many of them throughout this website but I wanted to dedicate one summary post to all blogs that I can immerse myself in for hours.

The Verge Magazine

I love this site because it is the best and simplest answer to the "how can I make a difference"-question. It covers international opportunities for

  • Traveling

  • Volunteering

  • Studying Abroad

  • Internships

but also gives travellers and changemakers a platform to share inspiring experiences. Even without the (incredibly cheap) membership you can access great content, but for 1$ a month (!) you get unlimited access to all resources and posts, travel kits and various discounts on travel related products and services.

The Unreasonable Group

...even after spending hours on their website - I can still not explain what this company is actually all about. It seems to be a consulting company for social startups but they are also a "multi-media company, a private global network, and an investment firm". Their website is a little hard to navigate (although beautifully designed) but once you find your way to their articles, there is a lot of interesting stuff to check out around:

  • Social Issues

  • Business

  • Entrepreneurship

The Good Trade

Although I love browsing through websites and opportunities, there is rarely a blog that does not only make me subscribe immediately but that I also regularly revisit. This one did!

The Good Trade has been an essential guide for me to make more sustainable (and still affordable) choices in regards to ethical fashion. It has also taken me on digressions like... ethical wedding dresses (they exist) and how they look like (gorgeous).

Overall it features articles around:

  • Ethical Fashion and MakeUp

  • Wellness

  • Relationships

  • Career and Money

  • Motherhood

  • Conscious Travel

  • Culture

A website that is very similar and equally immersive is The Green Hub. Check that out as well!

Tilt Magazine

"Tilt is a magazine for those who aim to disrupt and innovate the way that we address social and environmental change" - which sounds like us, doesn't it? They bring out four issues a year which you can get for free (!) and that cover themes around

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Making an Impact

  • Business Tips e.g crowdfunding, marketing ...

Uplift Connect

Uplift connect is a great blog around:

  • Human stories

  • Science of Wellness

The best part of the website, however, is by far Uplift TV that gives you free access to a large variety of movies on:

  • Wellness

  • Music

  • Inspiration

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Consciousness

Service Nation

I love this blog because it puts "being of service" into a greater perspective beyond just volunteering or charitable donations. Being of service means being kind to yourself to gain the energy needed to be kind to others, being a present member of your community and exploring new ideas. The blog talks about a range of different topics including:

  • Technology

  • Finance and Money

  • Home

  • Mindfulness

  • Volunteer

  • Traveling

It is an interesting mix of everything and certainly has something that interests you as well!

The Culture-Ist

Last but not least, this beautiful blog on :

  • Travelling

  • Making a Change

  • Wellness

It is connected to a nonprofit called Humanity Unified that invests in education, food security, sustainable development programs and empowerment.

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